For independent contractors

Acutel Consulting acknowledges that everyone’s circumstances are different and that a person’s circumstances may change throughout their working life. Some prefer to offer their labour on the basis of a contract to one or many clients, rather than via the traditional employee model. We offer our independent contractors the opportunity to achieve this outcome.

To register interest in becoming an independent contractor with Acutel Consulting, please send us your details including contact details and curriculum vitae.

Further information for independent contractors

Fortnightly and monthly invoices

Includes conditions of use (may be used by independent contractors to forward to Acutel Consulting)
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Health & safety management plan

Includes site safety and hazard identification checklists
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Equal opportunity policy

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Acutel Consulting is a labour hire firm. Acutel Consulting enters into contractual relationships with both the independent contractor who supplies the labour, and the Client Organisation who requires the labour, and to ensure that the appropriate processes and procedures are put in place. This service allows our independent contractors to avoid the significant up-front and recurring costs, risks and inconvenience associated with setting themselves up as a sole trader or separate entity. Once established through Acutel Consulting, independent contractors can then concentrate on what they do best.

In fulfilling its role as a labour hire firm, Acutel Consulting considers itself to be a service provider to both the independent contractor and the client organisation. Acutel Consulting facilitates the arrangements between its two client groups to ensure a productive and harmonious outcome.

Our independent contractors:

  • Do not require an ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Are paid immediately we receive your fortnightly or monthly invoice and receive a payment advice following their fortnightly or monthly payment
  • Are not responsible for payments from clients (Acutel Consulting invoices the client and assumes the risk of payment)
  • Are able to provide their services to multiple clients through Acutel Consulting
  • Are covered by relevant insurances
  • Are able to work flexible hours to suit personal circumstances (e.g. school hours, holidays or other family commitments), by prior arrangement with the client
  • Are able to concentrate on and build upon what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

At the independent contractor’s request, Acutel Consulting is able to make payments for:

  • PAYG taxation to the Australian Taxation Office on behalf of the independent contractor
  • Superannuation guarantee contributions to a superannuation fund nominated by the independent contractor
  • Relevant insurances including workers compensation and public liability insurance. Acutel Consulting also has professional indemnity cover (please note that there is no separate charge to our independent contractors for insurance cover)

The independent contractor is not an employee of Acutel Consulting and is not entitled to payment for annual leave, public holidays, sick leave, long service leave, redundancy or any other entitlements afforded to employees either by statute, award or common law.

Often the independent contractor will work in the client’s premises, so our independent contractors are required to familiarise themselves with, and comply with, all of the workplace policies, procedures and guidelines of the client and of Acutel Consulting, as implemented or amended from time to time.

In summary, if you are confident in your ability and your skills are sought after, then offering your services to a client through Acutel Consulting will allow you to derive the maximum benefit for your labour, while at the same time minimise the cost, risk and inconvenience associated with compliance, insurance and administration.