For client organisations

Acutel Consulting acknowledges the changing nature of the modern workforce and the desire on the part of our client organisations for flexibility and mobility of resources. We offer consultancy services and professional services labour hire to our clients to complement their existing resources and employees.

To find out how Acutel Consulting can assist your organisation, please contact us. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Following are case studies which are typical of the circumstances that confront our clients and for which clients approach Acutel Consulting for assistance.

Case Study #1


A long term professional employee of our client retires. The employee has a lot of corporate knowledge and possesses skills that the client cannot afford to lose. After a brief holiday, the retiree decides to accept an offer to work part-time for the client through Acutel Consulting. Over the term of the contract, the client utilises its former employee to mentor its young employees, to review documentation and to assist with peaks in work load.

Case Study #2

Project Manager

Our client has decided to implement a project to improve productivity within the business but does not possess the expertise, or does not have sufficient internal resources, to devote to the project. The client engages a subject matter expert on a fixed term contract through Acutel Consulting to prepare the specification, evaluate tenders and manage the project through to completion.

Case Study #3

Specialist Expertise

Our client requires specialist expertise to undertake a particular function. The client advertises a permanent position, but the only applicant who possesses the requisite skills and experience is not prepared to accept the salary package on offer. The client is concerned to ensure that pay parity is preserved within its salary structure, and is not prepared to offer a higher salary package. To secure the resource, the client engages the applicant on a fixed term contract through Acutel Consulting.

Case Study #4

Project Team

Our client has a requirement to perform a particular parcel of work or produce a report requiring experts in a number of fields. Acutel Consulting assembles a team of subject matter experts and tenders for the work on a fixed price basis.

We can provide client references if required.

We assist our clients by facilitating independent contractor arrangements for professional and other services. We offer a comprehensive service, ensuring that all compliance obligations are met and that the client is not exposed to any risk that may be associated with these arrangements.

Client organisations approach Acutel Consulting to meet their short and long term needs for:

  • Skill retention, e.g. retiring or retired employees
  • Transition arrangements upon retirement
  • Short term projects
  • Specific skills and experience
  • Trial placement ahead of permanency

Acutel Consulting has established policies and procedures, and works closely with the client organisation and independent contractor to:

  • Ensure that independent contractor health and safety needs are met in the work environment
  • Ensure that independent contractors have the skills and experience to perform the work
  • Ensure that independent contractors adhere to the policies, procedures and guidelines of both the client and Acutel Consulting (independent contractor page includes relevant policies and procedures)
  • Ensure that client confidentiality, privacy and intellectual property rights are protected
  • Ensure statutory requirements and compliance obligations, for example: taxation, GST, State payroll tax, superannuation and workers compensation obligations are met
  • Ensure that risk is managed and that insurance cover is appropriate for the task
  • Ensure that Invoices are presented in accordance with the client’s needs, for example: for multiple projects or jobs, we can provide cost disbursement to the client’s chart of accounts
  • Prepare the scope of work for the task or consultancy assignment, and offer an obligation free proposal