About us

Acutel Consulting is a consulting and professional services labour hire firm. Our business grew out of a recognition that clients require a degree of flexibility in resourcing their activities, particularly in relation to professional resources. We also recognise that individuals who are willing to offer their labour on a flexible basis need a framework within which to provide their labour.

Acutel Consulting commenced operation in 1997 as a telecommunications engineering consultancy and the name originated as a hybrid of the words ‘acute’ (sharp, skillful) and ‘tell’ (detailed account in spoken or written word). We now offer a broad range of engineering and business consultancy services throughout Australia and internationally.

In 1997, Acutel Consulting saw an opportunity to offer a solution to the market to improve the flexibility and availability of resources. Our solution was to enter into contractual relationships with both the independent contractor who supplies the labour, and the client organisation who requires the labour, and to ensure that the appropriate processes and procedures are put in place. In this way, Acutel Consulting considers itself to be a service provider to both the independent contractor and the client organisation, who are essentially our two client groups.

Why do clients and independent contractors use Acutel Consulting?

  • Because we increase the client’s flexibility to resource some business activities, and remove the barriers (in terms of cost, risk and inconvenience) to forming a labour hire relationship for that purpose.
  • Because we keep our costs low, we can provide professional services to our clients at a lower hourly rate, and we can return more of the hourly rate to our independent contractors.

The Acutel Consulting labour hire framework is particularly suited to:

  • Retirees who are seeking to supplement their retirement income with work
  • Professionals who desire flexible working arrangements to balance their commitments
  • Clients wishing to resource a project, where they don’t possess the skills or resources internally
  • Clients requiring specific skills and experience to supplement corporate knowledge or to mentor young employees
  • Clients who wish to trial a potential employee before permanently engaging that person


Scott Bailey BE, MBA, FIEAust, CPEng
Managing Consultant

To find out how Acutel Consulting can assist you, please contact us. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Company information

Acutel Pty Ltd (ABN 49 063 288 531)
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Privacy policy

Acutel Consulting respects the privacy of our clients, independent contractors and others. The protection of personal information is important to us. Our privacy policy explains how we protect the privacy of your information.